Student Technology Leader Toolkit

Project Ideas

Tutorial Videos

STLs can create tutorial videos to share with peers, teachers, and others in their community. These tutorials could be things like ‘How to clean a Chromebook’ or ‘Zoom Etiquette’. The options are endless. Here are examples of tutorial videos that STLs have made in the past:

Tutorial Videos

Use free online resources to make posters for your school. Here are some examples of posters STLs have made:

Create a GenYES Ohio website for your school

A GenYES Ohio website for your school is a great place to share recent TAPs and accomplishments. Here are some GenYES Ohio websites that other STLs have made for their schools:

GenYES Mentor High School Resources

Make T-shirts for GenYES Ohio

Practice your design skills and give your GenYES Ohio team merchandise to represent by making t-shirts. Here are some t-shirts made by STLs for inspiration:

Tracking GenYES Ohio Accomplishments

It may be helpful to keep a spreadsheet where you can track your GenYES Ohio accomplishments. You can make your own or use this template for tracking TAPs made by Student Tech Leader Steven Dohm.

GenYES Ohio Brand Elements

GenYES Ohio logo


GenYES Ohio Logo

Describing GenYES Ohio

“GenYES Ohio is a program that prepares powerful teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) in K-12 schools to work with educators, peers, and IT staff to integrate technology in ways that improve student learning.”

Representing GenYES Ohio

On Social Media — Share your GenYES Ohio stories on social media with hashtags: #GenYESOhio #StudentTechLeader

At Conferences — Represent your school’s GenYES Ohio team at conferences!

On Your School Website — A feature on your school website is a great place to share information about your GenYES Ohio program with peers, teachers, and parents.

Template Documents

Useful Websites

Canva — A user-friendly graphic design website where you can design posters, cards, and much more.

Screencastify — A free tool for creating, editing, and sharing screen recordings.

Photopea — A free photo editing tool, very similar to Photoshop.