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A teacher needs help
finding an app
getting student feedback
connecting to Zoom
making a presentation
so a student Tech Leader provides
immediate support.

What GenYES Ohio Is

GenYES Ohio is a program that prepares Ohio students to become Student Technology Leaders through a rigorous, technology-infused leadership curriculum. Schools typically implement GenYES as a class or club.

What GenYES Ohio Does

Schools get tech integration support.

GenYES Ohio supports buildings and districts with high technology needs and minimal resources by preparing students to provide technology support to their teachers and peers. 

Students practice service learning.

GenYES Ohio helps students master educational and IT technology so they can help their districts, schools, peers, and communities use technology more effectively. Student-driven projects can permanently transform schools.

Students become conscientious digital citizens.

GenYES Ohio fosters mature digital citizenship, helping students to learn to use technology responsibly and model it for others.  

Student achievement increases.

GenYES Ohio is a project-based, tech-centered program that offers unique ways to put learning into action for all learners.

School culture improves.

By focusing on student learning through action, GenYES Ohio can help bridge the cultural, academic and other gaps between diverse student groups. 

GenYES builds purpose.

Putting devices in students’ hands is a great way to begin using educational technology. GenYES Ohio shows students how to build on that technology with purpose and power.