Our Mission

Our mission is to overcome K-12 technology integration challenges by

preparing students to join educators in the school transformation process.


What We Offer

Generation YES is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that prepares teams of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) in grades 4-12 to give professional development and IT support to educators and IT staff. These students participate in real-world experiences that develop the lifelong learning and people skills necessary to succeed in colleges and careers.

Our nonprofit:

  • Consults with schools to create a custom GenYES implementation model
  • Provides curriculum and web-based tools
  • Establishes a strategy to get a good return on investment for existing and new technology initiatives in a school


What We Believe

Schools are increasing their technology investments, but research shows it isn’t having the desired impact. Generation YES believes that people- not more or newer technologies- are the solution to many EdTech challenges. We recognize students are the people in the school who have the most knowledge and passion about technology.

Generation YES believes all students should:

  • Have opportunities for personalized learning
  • Help drive how technology is used in schools
  • Be prepared for the 21st century workforce
  • Engage with their community and serve their school



Our Experience

Generation YES is one of the most well-researched K-12 educational technology models in history. Twenty years and multiple studies have shown that true technology integration cannot occur without the energy and expertise of well-prepared K-12 students. Generation YES has developed the necessary support strategies, online tools, curriculum, and data which have provided more than 2,100 K-12 schools with a proven foundation to realize their technology integration goals.