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Students are our future, but they are also here now. Students under the age of 18 have achieved tremendous things- won a Nobel Peace Prize, scaled Mt. Everest, sailed around the world, invented new ways to use renewable energy, and much more. Of course, these young people are exceptional, but that shouldn’t discount us from considering what our students can accomplish in their own schools and communities. After all, 90% of the human capital in a school is under the age of 18. You can double your capacity to improve a school if you tap into the energy and enthusiasm of even 5% of the students.


GenYES students have started their own businesses, designed MakerSpaces, organized professional development events, trained adults in their communities, and many, many more things. Even having students do the most mundane things- moving and unpacking tablets- saves teachers 75 hours of instructional time a year! When you begin to crunch the numbers, it is easy to see how student support is not only desirable, but undeniably needed to effectively use technology in schools.


Technology is the one area where students know more than the teachers. Few people would deny this, but there is a crucial caveat- students still need to be taught and guided to use the technology effectively. They need to go beyond consuming technology and, instead, be producers with technology. This is why just using students informally doesn’t work. It simply doesn’t provide the structure and opportunity for students to authentically share what they know and to refine the skills they need to be successful technology producers. The value of the GenYES program is that we’ve refined the model and created the process for ensuring that both the school and the students benefit from their assistance. 


Our Outreach

Who We've helped


In twenty years Generation YES has impacted:

  • Over 1,000,000 students
  • Over 32,000 Student Technology Leaders
  • Over 75,000 educators
  • Over 2,000 schools


We've worked with big and small districts, private, public, charter, and alternative schools, schools with little or no technology and schools with cutting edge technology available to every student. In every case, our programs have helped students and educators work together to transform their schools and the way students typically learn.


GenYES School TAKS* Improvement Over Statewide Scores

NW Regional Education Laboratory (NWREL) Evaluation

98% of teachers polled during the NWREL Evaluation of GenYES agreed they would use more technology in their lessons as a result of GenYES.

93% of teachers polled during the NWREL Evaluation of GenYES agreed that their students learned more about technology as a result of the program.

*TAKS: The Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) is a primary and secondary education standardized test used in Texas to assess student attainment academic skills required under Texas education standards. Link to research study


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