GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 12/18/18

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Wow, our last Facilitator message for 2018! Looking forward to the remainder of the 2018-19 school year to see all the wonderful TAPs your STLs will be completing.

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Here is a holiday gift offer for our GenYES schools. A couple of years ago we created a TechYES Student Guide aimed at helping STLs supporting peers and teachers create STEM projects. This 64-page book is in full color with fabulous artwork created by famed Philadelphia artist Kirsten Harper. It is aimed primarily for 5th through 9th grade science and/or tech students.

The books come in boxes of 100 only (maximum and minimum of one box per school). The regular cost of $10 per book ($1,000 per box) is being waived for GenYES facilitators who want to use this wonderful resource. We will even pay for shipping. All you have to do to receive your 100 books is reply to this email with a mailing address (please no PO box numbers). First-come-first-serve. We will ship them out the first week of January.

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from Treasure Mountain JHS in Utah. The 8th grade STL made a video and quiz for a teacher.

Title: Standards Based Grading Video
TAP Description: Create a video and a short quiz about Standards Based Grading.
TAP Accomplishments: We went to talk to Mrs. Sutherland and she said that she wanted a short video that explained what standards-based grading was and then a little quiz after to make sure the students understood the video. We started with the quiz, I made a quiz with 3 questions and Cate made a quiz with 2 questions. Once we reviewed each quiz, I added my questions to Cate's quiz. Once we made the quiz, we had an idea of what to put in our slideshow. We wrote out what each slide would talk about and the main ideas. After we made our slideshow, we went to record the slideshow using QuickTime. We did a screen recording and did voice over at the same time. We wanted to make our voice different pitches so that nobody would realize it was us and it would give the video some comedy, although we realized that we shouldn't have done that and just kept our normal voices. After we finished our video and our quiz, we went back to Mrs. Sutherland and had her check everything and she said that it was really good.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn