GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 05/23/19

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Another school year coming to an end. Thanks to all of you for your efforts in making 2018-19 a banner year. We have an exciting array of new schools throughout the country starting GenYES in 2019-20.

Your school is part of an ever-expanding community of GenYES schools. The world moves into the third decade of the 21st century during the next school year. The GenYES Student Technology Leader model is key to creating 21st century schools. For our nonprofit to continue its 23 years of success, please read and respond to the following timeline. Your effort will be much appreciated.

To Do Right Away

Please reply to this email and answer these short questions:Will your school continue GenYES in 2019-20? If yes, what date will your program start? If yes, will you continue as the facilitator or will there be a new facilitator (provide name if known)?If yes, would you like online training on the new GenYES 4.0 platform prior to the start of school?If no (school not continuing) could you give us the reasoning behind this decision?This won’t take long to reply and will help us out A LOT. Thanks.

To Do Before School's Out

Be sure all the STLs enter in all their TAPs and assess them. You will need to give the final approval for each TAP as well. If you need help, call us, or reference this document about the TAP Process.DO NOT delete any STLs from your class. DO NOT add new classes until after July 15, 2019.Celebrate the success of your STLs. Take pictures/videos and share them. Recognize STL achievement (check out the GenYES Participation Certificate).

To Do During Summer

Generation YES will close down the current GenYES 3 platform you all have been using. All facilitator and STL accounts will be migrated into our new GenYES 4 platform. There will be a different URL (web address) where you and your STLs will login. The migration from our old to new website will require time, and therefore….

The GenYES website will not be available from June 24 to July 15. If this causes any problem for you then call us at 888-941-4369.

Be on the look out for emails we will be sending on how to login to the new website. Of course, you can always call us from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PDT and we can get you going. We will make this transition as easy as possible but it will require some effort on your part. It will all be worth it. The new features of GenYES 4, ease of use, reporting, speed, and security are all greatly enhanced.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn