GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 05/08/19

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Most of you are winding down your GenYES program/class for this school year. Another record breaking year for TAPs and Skills. Here are some end-of-year tasks and information. Please read them carefully.


TASK: Complete and Approve all TAPS - STLs need to assess any outstanding TAPs. Once this happens, you need to approve those TAPs. Most of you are doing this as you go, but for those of you with lots of unapproved TAPs you should contact us ASAP and we can do a mass approval based on your assurances that the TAPs were completed.

As an important reminder all TAPs not approved by the facilitator will be discarded as of July 1, 2019 as they will be considered abandoned TAPs. Facilitator approved (verified complete and GREEN colored) TAPs will remain in an STL's account, and will accumulate throughout their years in GenYES and count toward future certification.

This guide explains how to Verify TAPs complete: link

TASK: Add TAPs - STLs may have done TAPs for teachers and IT staff that have not been entered. There is still time to do additional TAPs and enter them onto the website.

TASK: Have STLs Update Their Tech Skills Inventory - STLs have learned much during the year and should update their learned technology skills. Once logged in, STLs can click on their name from the top black bar, then choose Edit Profile to access the Skills Inventory. This can be given as a homework task. You might want to refresh STLs on how to gauge their proficiency level.

TASK: Contact GenYES via email or phone if there will be any Facilitator changes for 2019-20, or if your school will no longer implement GenYES. New Facilitators can arrange a training webinar with GenYES staff.

TASK: Contact GenYES if you know of other schools in your district or elsewhere that you feel would benefit from the GenYES program. We have room for more new GenYES schools in 2019-20.


INFORMATION: Please do not delete any STLs from your class prior to July 1. On that date GenYES staff will deactivate all classes. The STLs will still be active, and once you establish your new class(es) for 2019-20 you can add former or new STLs to that class. If you have already established classes for the summer or 2019-20 then let us know and we will not deactivate them on July 1.

INFORMATION: The new GenYES 4.0 Website will launch on July 1. Further information and a Guide to Using GenYES 4.0 will be available at that time.

Don’t forget that the end-of-the-school-year is a great time for students to start and complete TAPs. The testing is over and there are lots of year end tasks involving technology that need STL support.

As always, give us a call or email if you have questions or need anything. Thank you for your wonderful efforts.

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from a 10th grader at Canajoharie High School in New York.

Title: Laptop

TAP Description: A teacher's laptop keyboard isn't working.

TAP Accomplishments: I retrieved the model from his laptop and tried to narrow a list down to see what the underlying issue was. After a little bit of thinking and doing research, I remembered that I could reinstall the driver for his keyboard! I gave him the instructions via Gmail and got to it. Unfortunately however, he was walled by the school's administration and therefore couldn't change any settings. He asked the IT personnel at the school if they could do anything about it, and sure enough, they gave him the administration permissions required, and my instructions had worked.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn