GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 04/30/19

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

We’re excited to announce the release date of GenYES 4.0!

This summer, the web tools that you have been using will be upgraded. There are several brand-new features and tools we have developed based on your feedback. The user interface has changed, but all of your student accounts, TAPs, and other data will remain. The curriculum has not changed aside from a few minor updates. Built-in tutorials will help you use the new GenYES web tools, and we can schedule a catch-up meeting with you if you’d like a guided tour.

Three of our GenYES schools have used the new system this year and enjoy its modern interface, tablet/phone compatibility, and ease of use. Brand new features of GenYES 4.0 include:

Technology Assistance Projects (TAPs) Updates

TAPs can be Verified Complete much quicker than before. Advanced filtering and sorting tools will help you get the information you need faster. TAPs are now displayed as cards so that you can see what STLs are working on at-a-glance. STLs can now tag TAPs to technology skills, and those tagged TAPs will count on their skills page.

unnamed (1).png


Badging is an all-new feature for GenYES 4.0. STLs can earn badges for creating TAPs, tagging skills, and helping teachers. This reward system offers incentives for STLs to explore different features of the site and complete a variety of TAPs.

unnamed (2).png


The Technology Skills page has been redone. STLs can now choose their proficiency level with technology categories such as Programming and Graphic Art Software. The new proficiency levels are Novice, Intermediate, and Veteran. TAPs can now be tagged with technology skills. Every time an STL creates a TAP and tags it to a specific technology, their skills page will count it (see the TAPs column above).

unnamed (3).png


Conversations are brand-new to GenYES 4.0. Facilitators can create a conversation and add STLs to it in order to send instant messages back and forth. STLs cannot create their own conversations, so it is entirely up to the Facilitator about how this tool should be used. Facilitators can delete conversations and create as many different threads as they’d like.

Help Requests

By far one of our most-requested features, the Help Request system is brand-new and enables teachers at your school to submit a help request -- without logging in! From your school’s new login page, there is a button teachers can click labelled Request STL Help. Filling out a simple form allows teachers to send a message to the Facilitator, who can then delegate the task to an STL.

Impact and Reports

Previously, reports about your school’s TAPs and other data was a bit hard to find. Now, you can click on the Impact tab to view pie charts and bar graphs that show how many people your STLs have supported, what kinds of TAPs your STLs are completing, and more. A full-fledged reports page where spreadsheets and more detailed information can be downloaded is in the works.

Other Features

Other miscellaneous updates include the Staff List, a place where you can upkeep the staff names that appear on TAPs. You also have a new page called the School Profile to track goals you’ve set for the GenYES program, and new administrative tools for creating STL and Facilitator accounts.

We will provide more information about when these brand new upgrades will arrive, and information about the new features later in May. Stay tuned!


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn