GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 02/06/19

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

With 4 to 5 months left if this school year, it is time to remember the goals of GenYES. Here is a list of some of the more important goals:

GenYES Goals

  1. STLs will be an integral part of a district’s Technology Support Strategy.

  2. STLs will support a school’s teachers with content creation and tech support.

  3. STLs will support a school’s staff (IT and otherwise), especially in one to one schools.

  4. STLs will support their peers as mentors and technology guides.

  5. STLs will support their community in coordination with school personnel.

  6. STLs will reduce the school’s overall tech support expenses.

  7. Schools will narrow digital divides through equitable access to technology and GenYES.Schools may elect to enhance their curricular offerings through GenYES to provide a rigorous computer science/IT experience and pathway for students in grades 3-12.

Protecting Children

The January 29 cover story for Time Magazine focussed on Social Media. Here is a quote from an article written by Roger McNamee (p. 22). It addresses the protection of children. Something for GenYES facilitators and STLs to think about.

"A growing percentage of children prefer the hyperstimulation of virtual experiences to the real world. Products like Instagram empower bullies. Texting has replaced conversation for many kids. It’s hard to know how this will turn out, but some medical researchers have raised alarms, noting that we have allowed unsupervised psychological experiments on millions of people. Medical research bolsters the case for regulation. In addition to limits on the ages at which children may use screens like smartphones and tablets, there is evidence that phones and computers can cause distraction in classrooms.”

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from an 8th grade STL at Treasure Mountain Middle Jr. High School in Park City, Utah.

Title: 20th Century History Class Commericial

TAP Description: Create a 30-45 second long commercial for Ms. Langford promoting her 20th Century History Class.

TAP Accomplishments: First, on a Google Doc, I brainstormed topics that I had learned about in 20th Century History that I thought would interest future students of this class. Then, I found royalty free picture versions of WWI & WWII, the Moon Landing, conspiracy theories, music of the '90s, and weird fashion from throughout the decade. After that, I inserted all of these pictures into an iMovie. I added titles to all of the pictures telling what these images were about and added music that I had found from the YouTube Audio Library. Lastly, I exported my video and airdropped it to Mr. T.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn