GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 01/24/19

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

This week, the first STL of the 2018-19 school year earned her GenYES Certification. This rigorous certification is earned by only 1% of STLs.

GenYES Certification

GenYES Certification requires that:

  • STLs complete 100 TAPs

  • 15 of the TAPs have multiple STLs

  • TAPs support at least ten different adults

  • Total TAP time totals more than 25 hours of support

When an STL logs into his or her dashboard and scrolls down to the bottom, they will see 5 stars. Hovering the cursor over the four outside stars shows the STL's progress towards each Certification requirement. The stars light up when a requirement is met. The middle star's tooltip describes what the required 30-minute interview will entail. Elementary, middle, and high school STLs have qualified for certification.

unnamed (6).png

There are typically about 30 STLs a year that receive this prestigious national certification. More information can be found in the Learn section’s Toolkit or in this PDF. STL TAP counts carry over from previous years, so check this out to see if any of your star STLs might want to GO FOR IT. Interested facilitators or STLs are also encouraged to call the GenYES office to get further information.

Flat Connections

Our good friend Julie Lindsay from Australia is offering FOUR online global projects this semester for Grade 3 and older. These sorts of global projects are part of the GenYES Curriculum Activity “STLs Supporting Telecommunications.” These global projects make great TAPs.

unnamed (4).jpg

Starting mid-February:
Friends for Sustainability - Grade 5-8

Starting at the end of February:
Global Youth Debates - Grade 5-12
Windows to the World - Grade 3-6

Starting mid-March:
Poetry with Passion and Performance - Grade 3-6

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from Del Mar High School in California. A student helped a teacher modify a PDF related to Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate programs.

Title: IB/AP Night PDF Brochure Modification

TAP Description: Mrs. Olamit needed help re-formating and modifying the IB/AP Night PDF with new content and information for the upcoming event in January.

TAP Accomplishments: In order to fully understand what Mrs. Olamit wanted to be changed, I scheduled a meeting with her and went over the original PDF. During the meeting, I took some notes to remember the things she wanted to be changed. I had to wait until I got back from winter break to work on the document because I needed Mrs. Olamit's computer to work on it and she was too busy before to be present with me.

When I finally got the chance to edit the pdf, I stumbled upon a few problems such as how to insert a table grid and how to operate Adobe Acrobat in general. Prior to working on this pdf, I thought it would be easy like Google Docs because the Adobe Acrobat Pro is very advanced. As I soon realized, using the program was very complicated because of all the tools and features. Mrs. Olamit gave me the list of things she wanted to be changed before heading off to her meeting, so I spent 30 minutes researching and exploring the program itself. To no avail, all of the websites were unable to grant me the information that I was looking for, so I had to solely rely on experimenting with the file and play around with the features. Through this, I was able to determine that I could not add or create any new items such as a table or background shapes into the document because the pdf was not made by Mrs. Olamit, so all she had access to was editing.

Even though I couldn't get what I wanted, I was able to make a compromise and resolve the issue by using the current items in her file to rearrange and update the information. Ultimately, I was not only able to help Mrs. Olamit update the IB/AP night flyer, but I was also able to adopt new skills and technical experience working with the tools of Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn