GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 12/03/18

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

It has been a couple weeks since my last message. I trust you all had a restful Thanksgiving holiday. December 3 to 9 is Computer Science Education Week. Here are some things you can do to commemorate this event in your GenYES class.

unnamed (3).png
  1. Turn on the TAPs - STLs can complete TAPs involving Computer Science.

  2. Update Computer Science Skills Inventory - Have each STL log in and update their skills list.

  3. Complete GenYES Curriculum activities - You have access to the most comprehensive computer science curriculum via your GenYES web portal

  4. Computer Science Education Week website - The Computer Science Education Week site has plenty of ideas for additional activities

  5. National Center for Women and Information Technology - Check out the wonderful resources NCWIT supplies

  6. Check out the NEW Road Trip Nation Video - GenYES has been implemented in over 30 Yuma County schools. This video was released this week following a computer science bus trip by three recent Yuma high school graduates. This PBS documentary is a must see for GenYES STLs in high school and middle school. It is an hour-long production and could be assigned to STLs as a TAP project to watch at home to discuss during a subsequent GenYES class. This Cisco Foundation funded video is well worth the time.

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from Canajoharie High School in New York. The 11th grade STL taught another student how to access and use some Google tools.

Title: Battle of the Books
TAP Description: Could you please go to Mrs.Carson's room on the next A day to help Jayden to get logged into the classroom room for Battle of the Books
TAP Accomplishments: I taught Jayden how to access Google Classroom through her school Google account, and showed her the spreadsheet we use to check out the Battle of the Books items. I also taught her how to use the classroom page, including how to view videos posted and how to take the quizzes we were assigned.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn