GenYes Weekly Facilitator Message 11/08/18

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

As we move into February, it is a good time to reflect on your GenYES goals and make appropriate adjustments. Your STLs can provide valuable input to this process. Remember you or your STLs are always welcome to contact our office if you need help with this or have any other needs.

GenYES 4.0

Good news on the new GenYES 4.0. The present version of the website you are using is 3.5. GenYES 4.0 is a ground up rewrite of the entire current site adding new features and making present features easier, more powerful, and faster. Yesterday we prepared three middle and three high school GenYES Certified STLs to test what we have. Once all the bugs have been worked out, we will be ready to transfer all our schools to the new system this summer. Stay tuned!

New Curriculum Units

Two more units have been added to the previous 13 units of the curriculum. Unit 14: Leadership in the 21st Century, and Unit 17: College and Career Exploration. Unit 17 is aimed more at grade 7-12 STLs and deals with College and Career options. Below are the new Units and the Activities they contain.

Unit 14: Leadership in the 21st Century

  1. Leadership Qualities and Styles

  2. Working on a Team

Unit 17: College and Career Exploration

  1. Understanding Yourself

  2. Finding the Right College and Career

  3. Finding Money for College

TAPs of the Week

This week, there were three excellent TAPs completed by students in Lenoir High School in Tennessee, Sussman Middle School in California, and Mentor High School in Ohio.

Title: Internet Literacy TAP Unit 2 Project
TAP Description: Include all of the time you spend creating your poster or video. Additionally you will each need to write at least one paragraph explaining your choice. Why do you think your peers need to learn or be reminded of the content in your poster or video? Why would other students find it valuable?
TAP Accomplishments: My topic was how to avoid phishing scams. One reason I think students at the high school need to know this is because they are using the internet more and more in the past years and a lot of them don't know what a phishing scam is or how to avoid it. This is a problem because this makes the students at mentor more likely to fall for these scams and lose their personal or financial information. So by making the poster I hope to raise more awareness to these scams which are easy to fall for it you are not careful.

Title: Lenoir City Merchants Mobile Website
TAP Description: I need you to login to Wix and format the Mobile view of the Lenoir City Merchants website.
TAP Accomplishments: Formatted mobile version of website to fit mobile devices

Title: Updating Growth Mindset Poster
TAP Description: Take the analysis from the teachers on the Growth Mindset posters and integrate it into a new poster.
TAP Accomplishments: We updated the growth mindset poster for the school.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn