Updating Facilitator Lists

Hi GenYES Facilitators, About half our GenYES Schools have now established a GenYES class and have placed STLs in a class using our new GenYES 4.0 website. If you have not done so then check out a short guide on how to do this at the bottom of this message. I celebrated my birthday yesterday (Sept. 12) and am happy to be starting my 53rd year as an educator. As the old saying goes “you only go down life’s path but once so make the most of it.” Generation YES has lots of exciting new opportunities for participating schools as this year rolls along. Stay tuned!

GenYES Website Tips

This week we have added a valuable tool that many of you have asked for. As you know, when an STL creates a TAP they connect the TAP to the teacher or staff member they are supporting. To be able to do this, your staff has to be uploaded into the system.

You can still add a faculty/staff member one-at-a-time but there is now a feature where you can upload a spreadsheet file that will do this automatically. Your spreadsheet or csv file should be one column with the names of who you want to be on the pulldown list of adults that students may want to attach a TAP to.

Uploading the Staff List

First, visit the Classes page.


Then, click on the People button, and choose Manage Staff from the dropdown menu.


Choose + New Staff to add a single name to your Staff List, or click + New From File to upload a spreadsheet of staff members.

unnamed (1).png

If you are uploading a list of staff members, make sure it is in CSV or TXT format. You can turn an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet document into a CSV pretty easily. Just export it to CSV format. The spreadsheet should have a single column of names in the list to be uploaded. When you get to the + New From File screen, click Browse to select a file, then Submit.

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unnamed (2).png

Maintaining the Staff List

The Manage Staff page is broken into two parts: the Active Staff, and Inactive Staff.

unnamed (3).png

Active Staff are people who are currently at your school that STLs could provide support to. You can edit their names, but you cannot delete them. Instead, if a teacher has left your district or retired, Deactivate them. Deactivating a name will move the person to the Inactive Staff list. Inactive Staff do not show up on the list STLs use to connect their TAPs to an adult.

You can re-activate staff members by clicking Activate next to their name.

2019-20 iEarn Project Book

Our friends at iEarn have released their new Project Book containing 100 global projects that your STLs can do with their teachers. Projects are at all K-12 levels and the Project Book can be downloaded here in both English and Spanish.

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TAP of the Week

This week's TAP comes from Lake High School in Ohio:

Title: Windows Media Player
Accomplishment: A teacher needed help learning how to play audio while connected to a Samsung DVD player. I updated the software and changed the payer to Windows Media Player and it worked properly.


Dennis Harper, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO of the Nonprofit Generation YES Organization
360-528-2346 Direct
360-239-5111 Mobile

Setting Up STL Accounts

When an STL account is created via the Sign Up button on the website's login page, you must place them into a class before they can log in. Here's how:

  1. First, click on the Classes link

  2. If you don't have a class, click the Create Class button and make sure to add a name and Facilitator to the new class before you create it

  3. If you have a class already, click on the name of the class you want to add the student to

  4. Click Edit Class (green button)

  5. Click on the Add STLs button (Note: this button does not exist if there are no students eligible to add)

  6. Check the checkbox of each student you want added to the class

  7. Click Done

  8. Click Update

    Now when you click on Classes link and the name of the class, you will see all the enrolled students along with their TAP data.

Victoria Bawn