GenYES Curriculum Guide and Tips

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

This week I would like to make some comments on the GenYES Curriculum. A recent Education Week Newspaper had an article by Alfie Kohn that said something that resonated with me regarding curriculum:

“You have skipped a big step by assuming that improving the quality of a curriculum is doing something for the students rather than with them. The latter requires not only relinquishing some control but learning more about students’ interests and how to involve them in figuring which topics to pursue and how best to do so.” Alfie Kohn, Education Week, Sept. 4, 2019, p. 28

Once you get through the 6 Activities in Unit One, the GenYES curriculum is structured in a way that STLs can work with you to decide what parts of the remaining curriculum should be addressed. Individual or groups of STLs can even work through different units of the curriculum depending on the school or students’ interests.

GenYES Curriculum Tips

There are two powerful resources for the GenYES Facilitator to peruse regarding the GenYES Curriculum.

Facilitator Preparation in Each GenYES Activity

It is best to check out the Facilitator Preparation pulldown before teaching it to your STLs or assigniing an STL to do the Activity. Here is where you see the Activity’s objectives, ISTE Standards addressed, and guidance on how you can help STLs complete the Activity.

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GenYES Curriculum Guide

Check out the GenYES Curriculum Guide in the GenYES Toolkit found in the Learn section. Other Curriculum resources are also found at this link.

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The "L" in STL

STL stands for Student Technology Leadership. The L is just as important as the T in STL. Don’t ever forget that your STLs are helping to lead the way to reforming their school.

This week we have seen many K-12 student leaders speaking around the issue of climate. Here is an NPR video showing the most watched student leader, Greta Thunburg, last week at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York.

TAP of the Week

This week's TAP comes from Gallego Intermediate School in Arizona:

Title: Laptop replacement screen
Accomplishment: Our teacher asked us to replace a screen on a students laptop. First we checked it if it did need a new screen. We found out it was a cracked screen. Then we turn of the laptop and removed the screws of the bezel. Then we carefully poled off the bezel with the spudger. Then we unscrewed the screws that was holding the screen. We carefully layed down the laptop and lift taped and disconnect the cables. last we replaced with new screen and plug the cable back on and make sure the screen worked. Once it worked you can put the bezel back on and screw it all on. the Last thing we do is enplane what you did and put your name and the date on the help desk ticket.


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