Deleting TAPS and Adding URLS/Files to TAPs

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

This week we are announcing a new website TAP feature that many of you have been asking for — The ability to delete TAPs. See the short tutorial on how to do this below. Note: You cannot delete a completed verified TAP (Green TAP).

Also, this week we provide a tutorial on how STLs can upload a link or file to a TAP they created. This way the STL has a portfolio of their work and you as the facilitator can see the what was produced. Uploading a link or file is not required, but it is a nice feature for keeping track of student work.

Finally, thank you all for your understanding during our all-day website outage last Friday, October 4. Hopefully you all got our email that day. Anyway, it was not a problem with our website but with the external host. All is well now.

Deleting TAPs

Now facilitators and STLs can delete non-green TAPs. Follow the steps below. Remember that once a TAP is deleted it cannot be retrieved. If an STL accidentally deletes a TAP then he or she will have to create a new TAP and re-enter the information.

Step 1: Click View TAP on the TAP you want to delete

Step 2: Click on the Edit icon

Step 3: Click on the Delete TAP button

unnamed (11).png

Adding Links and Files to a TAP

Step 1: Click View TAP on the TAP
you'd like to add a link or file to

Step 2: Click the + button by Files and URLs

unnamed (13).png

Step 3: Add a URL Name and Link, or Upload a File

unnamed (14).png

Step 4: Check to make sure files were uploaded

unnamed (15).png

TAP of the Week

This week's TAP comes from Copley-Fairlawn Middle School in Ohio:

Title: Screenshot Help
Accomplishment: Today the teacher's class didn't know how to take a screenshot so I came to the front of the class and showed how you have to hit ctrl + the square with the 3 lines behind it to take a screenshot.


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