GenYES Facilitator Weekly Message

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Every GenYES Curriculum activity is accompanied by three sample TAPs related to that activity. To see them all you have to click through all 71 activities.  Until NOW… You can see them all in one place in the LEARN section's toolkit. This new downloadable PDF provides hundreds of sample TAP ideas for your STLs to tackle during the remainder of the school year. Now is not a time to wind down. Now is the time ramp up the TAPs. Check out this new resource.

There are some other websites that have recently landed in our inbox. You should check out these cool sites (or better yet assign a TAP to an STL to do so).

1. Students presenting to Board of Directors - Student Voice ( just made their “School Board Testifying Guide” available. A good read for some STLs if they want to inform the Board about technology programs or ideas.

2. 18 Websites for Free Images - Many GenYES TAPs require images. Check out this link for a list of 18 websites that offer free images.

3. The Spring Global Ed Fair on May 4 - Have some of your STLs participate in this online fair run by our good friend Lucy Gray (a former GenYES facilitator). Lots here for STLs to pass along to their teachers.

4. iEARN Videoconference Guide - Have some STLs check out this outstanding guide. This works well with Unit 15, Activity 3: STLs Supporting Telepresence. An end-of-school-year Skype conference TAP would add some excitement into your classrooms.

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from an 11th grader at Northview High School in California, where an STL showed students from a feeder school what the GenYES program was all about.

Title: Helping prospective students learn about GenTech
TAP Description: The students in the feeder school's Gentech class came over to see our equipment and we taught them about the class and showed them what we do.
TAP Accomplishments: We showed the students the 3d printing software and equipment,Cura and a Prusa respectively. We walked them through getting stl files off the internet, converting them to gcode, and setting up the printer's settings to work best for that situation.

Victoria Bawn