GenYES Facilitator Weekly Message

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

I am off to Phoenix today. Arizona may soon be known for not only their hot weather but their hot GenYES implementations. Lots of interest statewide due to existing GenYES schools talking about their school at conferences and meetings. Just this week a group of students in Ohio presented at their state’s Ed Tech Conference. Check out the “Getting Press and PR for Your School” activity in the new Unit 16 to prepare kids to spread the word about GenYES to your community and beyond.

Final GenYES Curriculum Unit Online

Unit 16: Leadership in the 21st Century

  1. Developing Your Community Service Idea

  2. Understanding the Digital Divice

  3. Getting Press and PR for Your Schoo

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from a 5th grader at Ledge Street Elementary school in Nashua, New Hampshire, where an STL helped make a video and slideshow presentation about GenYES and proper use of Chromebooks.

Title: Chromebook Care Presentation
TAP Description: In small teams go off and present the GENYES presentation to grades 3-5. Show commercial to Grades 3-4
TAP Accomplishments: A slide show and video. For the slide show I did a slide on what to do with your chrome book with a chrome book to make it. For the video I was the narrator. We used an iPad to film the video. For our presentations. I went to a 3 and 2 and 5 grade classes. The first one went great the second one went okay and the last one was great the second one we had trouble with the projector.

Victoria Bawn