Student Voice and Leadership

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Lots of news this past week about high school students’ voices being heard. The latest school massacre in Florida has been the catalyst for this. It is interesting to me to hear news commentators being surprised by how smart and articulate K-12 students are these days. They also concede that youth could eventually be a force that curtails school shootings.

Of course, Generation YES staff and all of GenYES facilitators reading this message know well how intelligent and well-spoken students can be. By implementing GenYES in your school, you are trusting STLs to provide their expertise and energy to support technology integration leading to improved student learning. Remember the L in STL stands for Leader. Now is a good time in the school year for educators to listen to the powerful voices of Student Technology Leaders. Just like the national press has found out, K-12 educators can realize that STLs can be a major catalyst in reforming their school.

As a GenYES facilitator you can enable your STLs' voices to be heard. Now is a good time for school, district, and board members to meet with STLs to hear their thoughts about technology literacy and integration challenges and ideas on how to move forward to meet those challenges. STLs can help decide the best way to use technology budgets. STLs can be part of discussions on curriculum enhancement, professional development, career pathways, new courses, school policy, and much more. The bottom line is that students are more than our future. They are here now. We need them now.

GenYES Curriculum

The above is a perfect segue to our latest two GenYES curriculum Units about leadership. Unit 15 has just been posted this week. If you haven’t checked out these two units, then now is a good time to do this. Remember the STL model is a student leadership model. Schools and the country need new leaders now.

Unit 14: Leadership in the 21st Century

  1. Leadership Qualities and Styles
  2. Working on a Team



Unit 15: Creating a 21st Century School

  1. Finding $$$ for Your School
  2. STLs Supporting Online Courses
  3. STLs Supporting Teleconference
  4. Creating a Makerspace

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from a 5th grader at O.C Johnson School in Yuma, Arizona.

Title: Quizlet
TAP Description: Teaching teachers at PD Day Quizlet.
TAP Accomplishments: On PD day we accomplished teaching teachers about Quizlet and how to use it. We got to teach them a lot about Quizlel and how to use it. Every teacher learned a lot about Quizlet live,they also learned a lot of about the study sets,and they learned that you can search study sets and use them. The teachers loved to use Quizlet live they were very excited when we played it. We gave them a cheet sheet just in case they forget the steps.

Victoria Bawn