Del Mar High School

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

I am writing this week’s message from the Silicon Valley where I am meeting with industry folks and prospective new GenYES schools. I also had the privilege to visit one of our current GenYES schools. Del Mar High School in the Campbell High School District has truly exemplary program. Their STLs has provided support to most of school’s teachers as well as the counselors and principal. They have updated all the teachers websites.

Check out the Del Mar GenYES website to see all they are doing and to see a good example of what other GenYES schools can create. Kudos to the two Del Mar GenYES facilitators Kira Durant and Stacey Chase.


GenYES Curriculum

There are many ways for STLs to benefit from the GenYES curriculum. At Del Mar High School, the STLs completed the three basic units and then complete other curriculum activities as they become necessary  to complete TAPs. This works well as their STLs are distributed throughout all the periods in the school day.

TAPs of the Week

Sticking with Del Mar HS visit, here is a major TAP created by Emely at Del Mar High School for the school counselor.

Title: Career Pathways Expo Flyer and Live List
TAP Description: Ms. Beas asked me to create a flyer and live list for the Career Pathways Expo.
TAP Accomplishments: I created the flyer using Canva and I downloaded the clipart for the borders of the flyer through the Noun Project. Then, I made a copy of an already existing live list Google Docs (from the District-WideCollege Fair) and customized to fit the need of the Career Pathways Expo. Lastly, I created a for people to access the live list without being able to edit it.

Victoria Bawn