GenYES Facilitator Weekly Message 9/20/18

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Thanks to all of you who replied to last week’s message telling us how your GenYES class has started. If you didn’t do this we would love to hear from you. Just reply to this email.

A couple of start-of-year tasks:

Linking Teachers to TAPs
When STLs create TAPs it is important to attach the name of the faculty or staff member they worked with. This allows folks in your district to know the reach your STLs have and is also a determiner of whether an STL becomes GenYES Certified. But how do the names of your faculty and staff appear on the drop-down list? 

unnamed (1).png

For returning GenYES schools, your list should be there from last year. Only task would be is to delete those people who are no longer at your school and add new ones to the list. To do this login and click on the Admin (wrench) link at the top of the page. Filter the list for teachers. Now Deactivate those teachers or staff no longer at your school. Then click the NEW USER button and create more Teacher users to add new names.

For new GenYES schools, simply send us a list of your faculty and staff to and we will add the entire list for you. We just need the first and last name of faculty or staff.

Using TAP Types
There are four TAP Types that STLs can choose when creating a TAP. STLs should become familiar with the TAP Types and use the correct one. You can click here for a PDF that explains how to create TAPs.

Content Creation TAP: Content Creation TAPs include making things like videos, tutorials, presentations, and posters that a teacher or other adult uses.
Mentoring TAP: Mentoring TAPs are when you teach someone else something about technology.
Information Tech TAP or IT TAP: IT TAPs are for when you help set up, troubleshoot, fix, repair, or maintain technology hardware or software. This includes maintaining tablet or laptop carts.
Curriculum TAP: These TAPs are just for practice or for if you want to use the GenYES system for turning in written assignments. Your Facilitator will tell you when to use a Curriculum TAP.

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Curriculum Planning
If you are trying to map out which GenYES curriculum units to cover, want suggestions on using the GenYES curriculum, or need some help getting started, the Facilitator's Guide to the GenYES Curriculum is an excellent place to start! Click here to access the Guide, or log in and find it in the Toolkit.

TAP of the Week

Today's TAP of the Week comes from PS 37 Marva J. Daniels Futures Preparatory School in Buffalo, New York! The STLs were involved in a large project to reimage laptops and configure iPads to start the year off.

Title:Reimaged laptops and reset iPads.
TAP Description:We were assigned to School #97 to reimage their 1:1 laptops and reset and reconfigure their 1:1 iPads.
TAP Accomplishments: When we went to School # 97, we did what he usually did from the past schoools, reimage laptops- which is to erase everything from the computers and reinstall the necessary apps and softwares required and made it like it was new, cleaned some of them physically, and then alphabetized them before putting them back. But this time, we got iPads, and among them were ones that had keyboards attached to them. We cleaned them, scraped off the tags and stickers, and put them back, just for the one with the keyboards. The Ipads without the keyboards were the ones that we just reset. Most of them worked, with just a few that were not resetting properly. After putting the iPads back in TechTubs and carts, we moved them to a different room and they were ready to be used for the next year, and we were done.


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn