GenYES Facilitator Weekly Message 10/12/18


Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Many years ago I was an associate professor at the University of the Virgin Islands. One of my graduate students (Pete Wholihan) has just taken on the GenYES Facilitator role at Eudora Kean High School on St. Thomas. Kean High School became a GenYES school the second year GenYES started in 1997. A success story indeed. Here is a picture of some of the original Kean HS STLs from 21 years ago. 

unnamed (6).png

STL TAP Assessment
Some of you may have noticed a slight change on the STL TAP Assessment Form. This is where the STLs assess their completed TAPs. The students have two required fields to fill out: (1) Accomplishments and (2) Time Spent on TAP. There is an optional field that has changed as of last week. It asks STLs if they used any Google Tools to complete the TAP. The default answer is NO, but if they did use a Google Tool then they should click the YES button and enter the Tools they used. Examples of Google Tools are listed in grey in the text box and will vanish once the STL begins typing in the Tools.

The STL assessment is a critical component of GenYES. This is how Facilitators, administrators, School Board members, and funders know what happened in your GenYES program. If you are a school that uses Google Tools, this new field will provide data on how much the STLs are supporting them. Also, it provides an opportunity for your STLs to write their accomplishment. Writing is always a good thing at any grade level.

Of course, once all students on a TAP have completed their assessment, you as the Facilitator must verify they have completed the TAP. That is the topic on next week’s message.

TAP of the Week

This week we are reporting on numerous TAPs completed by Plymouth Elementary School in Plymouth New Hampshire. This was part of a presentation given at a recent conference that described numerous content creation TAPs that STLs combined into two major projects: (1) GenYES Broadcast Video and (2) a GenYES Student Run Web Page. This is a good example of what experienced GenYES schools with many returning STLs can take on and accomplish.

Remember that when multiple STLs are working on large projects like this they should not all be placed on one TAP. Each participating STL should write their own TAPs related to their role. For example a TAP title could be “Uploading Guest Speaker Video to our GenYES Website” or “Modify the Design of our GenYES Website Homepage."


Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

Victoria Bawn