Digital Citizenship and Curriculum Units

Every week, our founder Dennis Harper writes a message to all of the GenYES Facilitators in the nation with tips, pertinent information, and stories about what students and Facilitators have accomplished in the GenYES program.

Hi GenYES Facilitators,

Many of our GenYES schools have started 2018 with a big white blast of weather and are still digging out tons of snow. We hope to see them return to normal soon.

The new year has started with lots of buzz around the issue of Digital Citizenship.  Many states are grappling with how to fulfill their duties related to this issue. Here in the state of Washington, Sen. Marko Liias (D–Edmonds) helped pass a bill this year requiring educators to list the online-responsibility content they use. The resources will then be pooled on a website. The GenYES curriculum deals with digital citizenship in Unit 2 — especially Activities 3, 4, and 5. Check them out. The activities contain lots of good TAPs where your STLs can help the entire student body learn more about digital citizenship.

Speaking of the curriculum, we keep track of how many Facilitators and STLs click on each of our units and activities. Here is the year-to-date data giving the percentage of the total clicks for each unit. For example, Unit 1 had about 40% of the total number of curriculum clicks. Some of the units are typically addressed later in the year while others have only been available for a couple of months.

40.66% Unit 1 - Introduction to GenYES
21.55% Unit 2 - Info Literacy & Digital Citizenship
6.51 % Unit 3 - Foundational Software
7.08% Unit 4 - Digital Art
4.59% Unit 5 - Digital Audio and Video
2.81% Unit 6 - Web Publishing
3.05% Unit 7 - Game Design
8.66% Unit 8 - Hardware Maintenance
1.68% Unit 9 - Software Maintenance
0.84% Unit 10 - Tech Support and Troubleshooting
0.99% Unit 11 - Supporting a 1:1 Program
0.87% Unit 12 - Online Communications
0.71% Unit 13 - Becoming a Teacher

Don’t forget that every activity in each unit has suggested TAPs in the Do Module. You and your STLs can check them out.

Keep in touch and keep producing TAPs.

Tap of the Week:

The first week of 2018 has already produced some interesting TAPs. This one comes from Treasure Mountain JHS in Park City Utah.


Creating and Filling in a Test Question Bank

TAP Description:

A teacher needed to create a question bank for a test he was going to have his students take in a couple of days.

TAP Accomplishments:

I typed up the second half of a paper test and put it into a Canvas question bank.

Victoria Bawn