NovoPro & Facilitator Preparation

Every week, our founder Dennis Harper writes a message to all of the GenYES Facilitators in the nation with tips, pertinent information, and stories about what students and Facilitators have accomplished in the GenYES program.


The free Vivitek NovoPro Streaming Device offer mentioned last week saw many of you applying for this useful product. The first 50 GenYES facilitators that apply will receive equipment. There are still some of the 50 units available if you would like to apply. This would be a good TAP for some of your STLs to receive the free equipment and and work with your IT person and Vivetek to make it operational. 


LEARN Activities: Speaking of TAPs, we notice that many of you are working your way through the six activities in Unit 1. Activities are now closely connected with TAPs and we are seeing a much higher TAP count coming from GenYES schools. As you go through the Activities, don’t forget to pull-down the Facilitator Preparation link to get some guidance on how to present that activity to your STLs. If you haven’t done so already, look through the comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide to the GenYES Curriculum. It will save you lots of time in the long run.


As this Curriculum is brand new, any feedback you or your STLs have is greatly appreciated. Just send comment to


TAP of the Week:

This week’s TAP comes from our new Northern California Del Mar High School. The STL's name is Emely, and GenYES facilitator is Kira Durant.


TAP Name: Website Headers for College and Career Center Website

TAP Description: Ms. Baes asked me if I could create a website header for the Colege and Career Center website

TAP Accomplishments: I used Canvas and its templates to create a variety of Del Mar themed website headers. The headers included information about the College and Career Center and Ms. Beas' contact information.

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