Admin Tools & Unit 4

Every week, our founder Dennis Harper writes a message to all of the GenYES Facilitators in the nation with tips, pertinent information, and stories about what students and Facilitators have accomplished in the GenYES program.


All our schools are now back and GenYES is on-the-move. 


First, a quick reminder to update or input your teachers and staff into the system. For returning schools, you can login and click on the ADMIN link. Once there you can click the Teachers filter. Now you will see a list of all your teachers. Deactivate any teachers no longer in the school. Use the ADD USER button to add new teachers. For new schools, send us a list of your faculty/staff names and we will input them for you.


Next we have the announcement of a new curriculum unit that was added on Friday. Unit 4 - Digital Art has 4 activities that present Graphic Design, Digital Photography, and Digital Illustration. This  unit was created by our own graphic artist Victoria Bawn and is an excellent unit for all GenYES STLs from grades 3-12. As new units appear, be sure to check them out. Remember, once the STLs complete Unit 1, the order of the remaining units is up to your discretion. The Curriculum Guide located in the LEARN section’s Toolkit can help you decide where to go next. 


Keep those help calls to our toll free number coming.



Dennis Harper

Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization


TAP of the Week: 

Here is a TAP from Bartrett at Lake High School in Ohio.


Title: SmartBoard and SmartNotebook Fix

TAP Type: IT Support TAP

Description: Ms. Mackall and her associates were having problems with their smartboard system. So Mr. Wood sent me and Beine during first period.

Accomplishment: We first took a look at the computer and the smart board to see what the problem was. I found that the program was not initialized with the product key and the board's light was not on. We got the product key from Mr. Wood and found the product number on the board. After entering this information the program worked fine. The chord that connected the smartboard to the computer ran through the ceiling. So we had to change out the chord with a new adapter. After doing so (and a little bit of cable management since this is hopefully a temporary fix) everything was working fine.