Digital Equity for Economic Opportunities

This February, Dr. Dennis Harper spoke as part of a panel at the New Hampshire Summit on Digital Equity for Economic Opportunity. He discusses the value of having students be involved with any solutions developed by adults. One of our mottos at Generation YES is "Students are the future, but they are also here now". While that may seem obvious, we too often forget that students, with the right guidance, can offer innovative solutions to complex problems. 


Digital Equity is about more than equal access to the internet. Underserved students need to have the same opportunities to use technology to create and change the world around them as their more privileged peers. The expectation to have more diversity in STEM careers and college majors is not realistic if we simply expose minority students to technology from the perspective of digital consumers- they must be given autonomy to create and experiment. This is especially true given the often limited exposure to technology many of these students have outside their schools. 


Generation YES works to provide students with meaningful, unique learning opportunities. Through the GenYES program, students take on the task of leading their teachers, administrators, and community members towards more effective technology use.  Generation YES is a proud member of the National Collaborative for Digital Equity. Dr. Dennis Harper, the Generation YES founder, spoke at a recent New Hampshire Summit for the NCDE. Here's a video with his discussion on why students are critical to bridging the digital divide.