Unit 7: Game Design & GenYES T-shirts

Every week, our founder Dennis Harper writes a message to all of the GenYES Facilitators in the nation with tips, pertinent information, and stories about what students and Facilitators have accomplished in the GenYES program.

New GenYES Curriculum Unit


Generation YES continues to add to the Learn section. Last week we added Unit 7: Game Design. It has two activities:


1. Games for Learning
2. Building Text-Based Games


Don’t forget, as this curriculum is completely new, we do appreciate your comments and suggestions.

genyes curriculum unit game design games for learning text based games gamification education

New GenYES Curriculum Activity

We have also added another activity Unit 12: Online Communication called Surveys and Polling

genyes curriculum surveys polling student


GenYES T-Shirts

Many GenYES schools help build team identity with T-shirts. You can order GenYES T-shirts in various colors on Amazon or you can create your own customized shirts. We are happy to send you a high resolution GenYES Logo file for this purpose. If you already have a T-shirt or make one in the future, give a TAP to an STL to take a picture of it and send it to us. We like seeing what our STLs are making.

Generation YES only makes 2 cents on each shirt sold via our Amazon store. If you personally order from Amazon using Amazon Smile, .5% of your purchasing total comes back to Generation YES. This is a contribution from Amazon and does not add any cost to what you purchase.

TAP of the Week

This TAP of the Week has an STL mentoring a superintendent in Canajoharie, New York. Here is Vicente’s TAP:

TAP Name: Superintendant Presentation

TAP Accomplishments: The meeting went smoothly: I showed our superintendent the history game I had found, and we went over the plans on how to implement it. I also showed her the Breakout library and that they have a whole online lesson library for the teachers to use, which she greatly appreciated. All in all, it was a good meeting, and we have plans to show the system and the game at an upcoming faculty meeting.

Victoria BawnWeekly Message