Curriculum Update & GenYES Video

Every week, our founder Dennis Harper writes a message to all of the GenYES Facilitators in the nation with tips, pertinent information, and stories about what students and Facilitators have accomplished in the GenYES program.


New GenYES Curriculum Unit


We’ll start off this week announcing a new GenYES Curriculum Unit: Web Publishing. This unit has four activities:

1. Website Design
2. Website Construction with Cloud-Based Apps
3. Introduction to Using HTML
4. Advanced Web Development Skills


The first two activities are geared more for beginners, while activities 3 and 4 are for more advanced students. Don’t forget to check out the Facilitator Preparation section in each activity. Also, remember that once you get past Unit 1 it is up to your discretion which units you address next. Finally the Facilitator’s Curriculum Guide found in the Toolkit has a wealth of information including various scope and sequence options.


New GenYES Video

The Cisco Foundation released their 4-minute GenYES Yuma micro documentary. We have 25 strong schools in Yuma County, AZ that are featured in the video. This video is great to show your teachers at a staff meeting to explain what GenYES is. Check it out and Enjoy!

Website Hiccups

After being up 100% of the time for four+ years, our website went down twice. Once was during the school day. Our server, along with many others, are located a fast server farm near Seattle. The outages took down many customers throughout western Washington. The site has been solid for a couple of weeks. Sorry if any of you we caught in this temporary shutdown.


If you run into a problem logging in, first check to see if you can login using a cell phone. If that works then it is a local school issue. If not, then do call or email us immediately and we’ll get on it. That goes for any bug you might come across. Don’t forget your STLs can also call us if these issues arise.

TAP of the Week

Speaking of Yuma, here is TAP completed last week by Jitzell of Gila Vista Junior High School. A nice example of a mentoring TAP and one related to mathematics.

TAP Name: Showing Teacher How to Create a Video on Clips

TAP Description: I showed Mr. Dwyer how to use the app Clips for one of his assignment to show how to use the pythagorean thereom.

TAP Accomplishments: I asked him if I could show him an app and Mr. Dwyer said yes. So a few minutes before class ended I showed him and example of a video on Clips that I had made in the GenYES class. He liked it and I showed him how to add text in and hold and record. Then I showed him the stickers section and how to add them.




Dennis Harper, Founder of the Generation YES nonprofit organization

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