Unit 9 and 10 posted online; NCDE

A busy week for me last week. I spent one day training Facilitators and STLs from six new schools in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Always a delight to meet new STLs and see them so enthused to “be the change.” Welcome to the GenYES Family.


TAP of the Week:
Title: Teaching QR Code and Google Forms to Teachers
TAP Name: Enrique, Ernest, Geraldine, and I taught teachers at McGraw Elementary School for a small PD day on Monday.
TAP Accomplishments: We tought the teachers how to make a QR code by using the app and showing the steps we wrote on our slideshow and we tought the teachers how to use google forms.



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Petroglyph Elementary School's 3D Print Shop

At Petroglyph Elementary School, GenYES students known as the SWAT (Students Who Advance Technology) Team are printing 3D designs for their peers! The Printoglyph 3D printing store, operated entirely by the SWAT Team, donates 20% of its profit to charity. Students on the SWAT Team benefit from learning new tech skills like 3D modelling and design. Running the Printoglyph store also teaches workforce readiness skills, organization and management skills, and bolsters confidence. Everyone at Petroglyph benefits from a student-centered approach to merging creativity, engineering, business, and technology together. It's truly a win-win scenario!

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Unit 7: Game Design & GenYES T-shirts

Generation YES continues to add to the Learn section. Last week we added Unit 7: Game Design. It has two activities:

1. Games for Learning
2. Building Text-Based Games


TAP of the Week:
TAP Name: Superintendant Presentation
TAP Accomplishments: The meeting went smoothly: I showed our superintendent the history game I had found, and we went over the plans on how to implement it. I also showed her the Breakout library and that they have a whole online lesson library for the teachers to use, which she greatly appreciated. All in all, it was a good meeting, and we have plans to show the system and the game at an upcoming faculty meeting.

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Victoria BawnWeekly Message
Curriculum Update & GenYES Video

We’ll start off this week announcing a new GenYES Curriculum Unit: Web Publishing! This unit has four activities:

1. Website Design
2. Website Construction with Cloud-Based Apps
3. Introduction to Using HTML
4. Advanced Web Development Skills


TAP of the Week:

TAP Name: Showing Teacher How to Create a Video on Clips
TAP Description: I showed Mr. Dwyer how to use the app Clips for one of his assignment to show how to use the pythagorean thereom.
TAP Accomplishments: I asked him if I could show him an app and Mr. Dwyer said yes. So a few minutes before class ended I showed him and example of a video on Clips that I had made in the GenYES class. He liked it and I showed him how to add text in and hold and record. Then I showed him the stickers section and how to add them.

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Victoria BawnWeekly Message
NovoPro & Facilitator Preparation

This Facilitator message reminds Facilitators to take advantage of NovoPro and check out the Facilitator Preparation section in the GenYES curriculum.


TAP of the Week: This week’s TAP comes from our new Northern California school, Del Mar High School. The STL's name is Emely, and GenYES facilitator is Kira Durant. Emely wrote "Ms. Baes asked me if I could create a website header for the Colege and Career Center website. I used Canvas and its templates to create a variety of Del Mar themed website headers. The headers included information about the College and Career Center and Ms. Beas' contact information."

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Victoria BawnWeekly Message
NovoPro for GenYES Schools

This Facilitator message invites GenYES schools to apply for a free wireless streaming device from NovoPro.


TAP of the Week: This week’s feature TAP comes from an STL named Vicente from Canajoharie High School in New York. Vicente wrote that "A teacher asked me to tell them how to print a poster onto four individual pages using Photoshop. I personally had little experience with Photoshop, so I really was stumped. After looking through different websites, I finally found an instructions page on how to make the poster. I printed it after I studied it personally before providing Mrs Moyer with it."

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Victoria BawnWeekly Message
Admin Tools & Unit 4

This Facilitator message includes information about adding and removing users with Admin tools, and announces Unit 4: Digital Art's availability online to GenYES Facilitators.


TAP of the Week: Bartrett at Lake High School in Ohio fixed a SmartBoard and SmartNotebookMs. Mackall and her associates were having problems with their smartboard system. Bartrett wrote "I found that the program was not initialized with the product key and the board's light was not on. After entering this information the program worked fine. [We also] had to change out the cord with a new adapter. After doing so everything was working fine."

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Welcome Back to GenYES!

This Facilitator Message includes advice on starting the GenYES curriculum and enrolling students and teachers.

TAP of the Week: Veteran GenYES facilitator Jose Gonzalez at the Bunche Middle School in Compton, CA had a couple of his STLs create a “Green Room” in order to create higher quality videos for teachers and other adults.

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New scholarship for GenYES Seniors

Today, we're pleased to announce that The University of Phoenix has provided two full-ride scholarships to seniors who have participated in GenYES! Current and former GenYES students are encouraged to apply. More information can be found at https://goo.gl/xugxff. The application deadline is May 1st. 

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Steve Hicks
Digital Equity for Economic Opportunities

This February, Dr. Dennis Harper spoke as part of a panel at the New Hampshire Summit on Digital Equity for Economic Opportunity. He discusses the value of having students be involved with any solutions developed by adults. One of our mottos at Generation YES is "Students are the future, but they are also here now". While that may seem obvious, we too often forget that students, with the right guidance, can offer innovative solutions to complex problems. 

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Generation YES Annual Drive

Generation YES announced today that it has launched its Annual Fund Drive to scale up its Student Technology Leaders Program. Supporting the GenYES program will help educators and school leaders more effectively integrate technology into their schools. Specially prepared student technology leaders will provide their teachers real-time professional development and contribute basic technology infrastructure support. 

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