New scholarship for GenYES Seniors

Today, we're pleased to announce that The University of Phoenix has provided two full-ride scholarships to seniors who have participated in GenYES! Current and former GenYES students are encouraged to apply. More information can be found at The application deadline is May 1st. 

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Steve Hicks
Digital Equity for Economic Opportunities

This February, Dr. Dennis Harper spoke as part of a panel at the New Hampshire Summit on Digital Equity for Economic Opportunity. He discusses the value of having students be involved with any solutions developed by adults. One of our mottos at Generation YES is "Students are the future, but they are also here now". While that may seem obvious, we too often forget that students, with the right guidance, can offer innovative solutions to complex problems. 

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Generation YES Annual Drive

Generation YES announced today that it has launched its Annual Fund Drive to scale up its Student Technology Leaders Program. Supporting the GenYES program will help educators and school leaders more effectively integrate technology into their schools. Specially prepared student technology leaders will provide their teachers real-time professional development and contribute basic technology infrastructure support. 

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