About Us

Our Mission:

We aim to close the digital divide. Generation YES empowers students to become leaders in their schools by using technology to solve crucial problems in education, while also becoming interested in STEM careers.

The Challenge

Students represent more than 90% of the K-12 education population and they likely possess 95% of the technology expertise in the school. Unquestionably, they are 100% of the reason that schools exist. Unfortunately, many students have been left out of most important technological innovations in education. Research shows these students often lack exposure to technology outside of school, are the most disengaged from curriculum, and lack adequate workforce and college preparation.

Schools are also facing new challenges, such as:

  • More money being spent on technology in schools than ever before, with mixed results
  • Teachers are tasked with embedding technology into curriculum
  • Online assessments require funding and preparedness to provide legitimate results

GenYES STLs Meet the Challenge

Our program in action at 20 LA Alliance schools in California.

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We see the intersection of these challenges faced by schools and students in 21st century education. Generation YES has dedicated millions of dollars and countless hours towards empowering students on the losing side of the digital divide while simultaneously easing the increasing burden on schools and teachers to demonstrate returns on technology investments.

Our Results:

Our programs have impacted over a thousand schools and hundreds of thousands of students since its inception in 1996. We've implemented GenYES in every state in the US, the Virgin Islands, South East Asia, and Canada, and we're still growing!

Who are we?

Our nonprofit's team is comprised of high school students, teachers, and other adults passionate about education. You can read more on our Staff Biographies page.

Results of Our Mission

Our schools have proven that Generation YES’ mission can have universal success provided students are allowed to contribute solutions. We also supported the development of the Liberian Renaissance School, the first modern school built in Liberia after a long civil war. Some more of our past projects can be seen on the Projects page.

Current research and program development is just now catching up to what we have known for a long time: the achievement gap in education mirrors an engagement gap. Students prefer “real world” application of their knowledge and skills, and programs work better when student voice is incorporated into the initial design. This serves the crucial need to bridge the digital divide.

Our education solutions are like no other—they rely on the potential of youth to help us solve problems. It is our belief that with the right direction from dedicated educators, this potential can be realized. We partner with innovative organizations and schools who are committed to bridging the digital divide around the world. If you would like to help Generation YES improve schools, bridge the digital divide, and get students excited about STEM subjects then please sign up to receive our newsletter and visit our Support Us page.

Our History

We've been developing GenYES since 1996, when it was first funded by the Technology Innovation Challenge Grant Program.


In 1996, the federal government funded the Technology Innovation Challenge Grant program. The primary goal of these grants was to fund innovative ideas, that once proven effective, could be scaled to provide schools a model of technology integration and support. One hundred and four initial grants were funded, including GenYES.

Around the same time, the realization was setting in that traditional methods of professional development were not enhancing technology infusion in schools. After-school workshops and inservices promised great things, powerful hardware could be purchased, and endless new versions of software could be upgraded, but rarely was there adequate support when teachers actually tried to use the technology in the classroom.

Generation YES immediately provided a solution to how schools could harness the students' technology expertise and interest while simultaneously expanding learning opportunities, building confidence, and giving valuable workforce readiness skills.

Over the last twenty years, we have continuously developed our programs and products to ensure that the technology burden is reduced for schools and that students, especially those who need or desire unique learning opportunities, are given chances to contribute and succeed.


You can find us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Using these sites, we promote our schools' work and share educational resources for our GenYES and TechYES Facilitators. Check it out if you'd like to be a part of our network.